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Welcome to the Wikipedia for the Homebrew Fantasy RolePlaying world of Arborris.

Getting started

This Wiki is meant for use by players within the Arborris campaign setting. Players are responsible for updating pages on their characters, and for placing comments on Setting Pages for notes during future play. The DM for this campaign setting reserves the right to remove, edit, or add to any content placed on this site. The DM reserves the right in game to refute anything printed on the Wiki. The Wiki is meant as a resource guide, not as a definitive text on the Arborris Campaign Setting.


"Magic?  There is no magic in this place.  No magic that man should concern himself with.  There is black sorcery, there is the profane, but these are not for you.  This is a world of steel, where men can trust that which they see, they can believe that which they witness.  It is a world for the strong, a place where justice can rule over the hearts of men"

- Sir Gregory Trueblood

"We are the keepers of the land, the wardens of the rivers, the watchers of the forest and the fires that sweep them clean.  In the heart of their blazing madness we see that which men have not believed in for one thousand generations.  This is a world of danger, no matter what the White Tower would have you believe.  And there are monsters in the wilderness my son, but what should terrify you is not the monsters, but the men who would deny the existence of that which gives them life.  In a world like Arborris to bear our gift is to be hunted, cursed, feared, and reviled.  But heed this, our gift is also one of great power.  The power to turn men's hearts from stone to blood and fire with miracles thought lost long ago."

- Garrus the Wise, High Druid


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