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Time in Arborris works similarly to time on the average prime material plane. Arborris rotates around a yellow sun, and itself has a rotation along with an axis tilt, giving rise to the seasons.

Dating System

After the War of Division, a council of scholars and delegates from the nations of Arborris came together at the Great Academy of Gnomish to decide upon a standard calendar, and name for the dates.  It was on the 1st day of Arborrust that they declared the start of a new calendar, and called it "After Division", meaning the split between Kardik and Argonne and the calendar was reset to zero.  That became the year 0 A.D..  The council took place approximately 4000 years previously, with the current date being 4280 A.D.  It is believed that the climactic battle in the War of Power that marked the end of the Age of Legends occured in the year 36,089 B.C. or "Before Council"

Solar Calendar Year

  • 600 days in 1 year.
  • Year divided into 12 Months, 50 days long each.
  • Four Seasons in 1 year, each 3 Months long.
  • Each Month is divided into 5 weeks, each 10 days long.
  • The first day of every year is a holiday, as it marks the Vernal Equinox, and the beginning of Spring.  This is the 1st day in the month of Arborrust.
  • Every day is 24 hours long, hours are 60 minutes long, minutes are 60 seconds long.  Seconds are equivalent to Standard Prime.

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Days of the Week:

These are the names given to the 10 days in a week. The calendar of Arborris somewhat shrouded in mystery. Gnomish Astronomers and Historians agree that the calendar reflects a perfectly accurate year in regards to the solar cycle. There is a lunar cycle that also fits within a 600 day year, again perfectly.
It is believed that the names for some of the days are remnants from the Givers, who brought the knowledge of calendar keeping to Arborris and gave it to her people; although which of the days have those names is unclear.

  • Karelday
  • Julinday
  • Fobenday
  • Crosday
  • Vorlday
  • Gobelday
  • Bermday
  • Octenday
  • Nuevday
  • Dekenday

Holidays/Holy Days

The following is a list of holidays and holy days within Arborris. There are several universal Holidays, most of which have Solar or Lunar meaning. As well, there are 9 Holy Days, one dedicated to each God or Goddess within the pantheon. They are as follows:

  • Arborrust 1st/ROBRAN: This day marks the beginning of Spring and the end of winter. This is both the holiday for Arborris the embodiment of nature, and also a secular holiday to mark the end of winter's reign. It is typical for peoples of all cultures to share feasts and thanksgiving this day for a winter past, and lives spared. There may also be mourning for those that were lost during the winter.
  • Chronust 10th/DAY OF SANDS: This is a holiday and Holy day of Chronus, celebrated moreso in the northern nations than the southern nations. During this day, it is customary for the young members of a family to purchase or find a small amount of sand, that is given to an elder member of the family along with a small offering of money. The sand and coins are placed in a bag, and is later poured out over the entryway of the elder's household. The money also falls, and if it lands within the threshold is given to the elder, if it lands outside of the house it is given to the youngster. This is done to expel chaos from within the household, and to protect the elder from the ravages of time.
  • Charonust 7th-16th/CHARONAKKA: This day marks the beginning of the season of storms, and is a day which is traditionally prepared for each year by the repairing and preparing of one's household for disaster. This Holiday marks a time of marriage as well, in many cultures, especially the Elves. Considered a Holy day for sailors and followers of Charon everywhere in Arborris.
  • Felary 1st/SUNSDAY: This marks the Summer Solstice, when the sun is highest in the sky, and the day is longest. A universal holiday, it represents the triumph of good over evil, and is a day of feasting, celebration, and brotherhood. This is also the Holy day for the followers of Felara. War is not permitted during this day.
  • Felary 2nd/FIRESDAY: This day begins at Midnight of SUNSDAY, and is also known as the feast of fire. On this day, fireworks and great bonfires are lit to expel the darkness and keep the day long. What is little known is that this holiday is actually the Holy Day for the followers of Vulcaile, though this meaning was lost long ago. It was meant to symbolize Vulcaile's hatred of Kovax, as well as a way to lure those pure in love and life into debauchery and sin in the night, lured by the flames. Kilrathi fear this night, and many will hide, and take vows of silence while it lasts.
  • Dalary 5th-6th/DRYDAY/BERMENSDAY:  This is the Dwarven Holiday of Dryday and Goronsday, the most heartily celebratd day among the Dwarven cultures.  On this day all Dwarves come together to celebrate the death of their ancient fallen hero Bermen.  Berman was said to be one of the progeny of the Dwarven Giver who founded the Dwarven tradition, and died slaying the great Red Dragon "Morvulaveous".  On this day all Dwarves, save those few who are of the Order of Inebriatory Meditation abstain from drinking while the sun is in the sky.  Then when night falls they begin to celebrate Bermensday, and the Dwarves then drink to extreme
  • Dalary 50th/STARBREAKER DAY:  This is the holy day of Dalius Starbreaker.  Not as widely celebrated for lack of any official organization, this is a day of great contests and feats of strength.  It is not uncommon for the Kings and Lords of Arborris to plan tournaments and games around this day.  A little known tradition of the day states that no bard shall accept payment for his performance on this day, and all such performances are to be tributes to the brave and fallen heroes of Arborris.
  •  Andrary 1st/DAY OF VIRTUE:  This is the Holy day of Andrick.  This Holy day is celebrated with little fanfare.  This is the day in which any accumulated wealth by any of the Sons of Andrick must be given up the the church.  It is also forbidden for anyone to lie on this day, although through what means this is meant to be enforced is somewhat ambiguous.  It is not uncommon for court preceedings to be scheduled on or around this day to avoid or embrace this requirement, depending on who is holding the court.
  • Eledaran 1st/NARBOR: This holidy is sacred to the Halfling cultures, especially those that follow the way of the traveller.  This day also marks the Autumnal Equinox, and is celebrated by the Druidic Order as well.  On this holiday, all Halflings are to take part in great feasts of sharing, in which everyone is to imbibe great amounts of alcohol and steal one item from someone else at the feast.  Most halflings understand the nature of this, and prominently display an item of little worth upon their person to be stolen, in the hopes that it will be taken in the stead of their coinpurse.  Above all else this is a celebration of the change of the seasons.
  • Eledaran 2nd/DAY OF THOUGHT:  A holiday that is meant to celebrate the educated men and women of Arborris, this is one of the most sacred holidays of the Gnomes.  On this day, great lectures are given at the Great Academy of Gnomish free to the public.  As well, in tribute, Maesters' services are given free of charge to any in need.
  • Valaran 8th/BLOOD DAY:  This holiday belongs to the Kilrathi, and they are the only race that celebrates the day.  The day is meant to celebrate the physical fortitude of the race, and help to quell the racial fear of fire that is so pervasive among the Kilrathi.  On this day, as the sun sets candles are layed out around the perimeter of the village.  And when the last rays of the sun go down, the Kilrathi of the village cut themselves, and use the blood that they shed to extinguish the candles.  Only the bravest of the Kilrathi dare to bring their fur close to the flames.  To partake in this ritual, which is open to all of the race is to bring great honor to one and one's family.  Following the ceremony there are great feasts where Kilrathi Blood Spirits are taken along with raw meat, untouched and untainted by the flame.
  • Vipraln 25th/DAY OF LIES:  This Holy day is one of the most curious examples of the holidays that are celebrated throughout the year.  Despite the fact that worship of Vipra is forbidden, and that any admittance to association with her followers is considered a mark, it is said that on this day one may lie even unto the Emperors themselves, and cannot be brought to trial for perjury.  On this day, and this day alone, all lies are permitted.  Some of the common folk have come to say that on this day and this day alone vows may be broken, and as such, many men and women break the covenant of marriage on this day.
  • Koven 50th/DAWN OF DEATH:  This can only be described as an unholy day.  Most cultures prepare for this day by blessing the graves of the recently dead, to ensure that they do not rise again.  While there are no documented cases of such happenings, it is widely believed that the spirit of those damned to Kovax's embrace wreak havok upon the world.  It is said that on the last day of winter, Kovax unleashes all of his remaining power from the year saved up, all to prevent the next year coming.  On this day people can be found in temples across the land praying to the goodly goddesses and gods.  If not in temple, they are in their homes, clutching their loved ones in superstitious terror.

Lunar Calendar

Arborris posesses two moons, one White, and one Blue, who's names are Lunan and Azula respectively.  The moons both have moderately eliptical orbits, resulting in a complex Lunar Calendar.

  • Lunan is the white moon, and graces the central portion of the night sky primarily in spring and summer. The moon's orbit results in the phase of the moon changing throughout the month.
  • Azula is said to be the wife of Lunan, and this moon graces the central portion of the night sky primarily in the fall and witer. This moon appears to be somewhat larger than Lunan, and it posesses small, slight rings.
    • There are legends that say Azula is blue because she is covered in water, and that this is where Charon dwells. Such rumors are held in low regard by the scholars of the Great Academy


Arborris has as diverse a flora as most "standard" prime material planes. However, because of Arborris' close proximity within the prime to the positive energy plane and the plane of water, the plant life of Arborris is particularly resilient. This has lead to vast stretches of forest, and relatively little desert. The forests are thick, with trees that are taller and faster growing than other planes. The lands of Arborris are quick to claim the ruins of men for their own because of this.

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