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There are seven Races in Arborris, listed below.  Each of these races is playable in the campaign.  Many races have subtypes that will be listed.  Along with each race is included a list of the optional advantages, and inherent advantages within the race.  An eighth group has been adeed, "Goblinkind".  It is important to note that this is not a race, but rather a group of creatures who were created from altered, twisted forms of the seven civilized peoples.

The racial characteristics that are chosen below are taken from the Skills and Powers book, and descriptions can be found therein, with the exception of the Kilrathi attributes.  These are home brewed, and questions should be directed to your DM.


[edit] Dwarves:

The Dwarven race is of shorter stature than humans, and broader of shoulder too.  A hard working race the Dwarves are known for their industriousness and admiration for toughness.  Even the fairer sex among the Dwarves consider themselves to be among the toughest people of Arborris.  These long lived, hard working folk are usually no nonsense, money wise, and heavy drinkers.  Rough and Tumble are two words most often associated with the Dwarves.

  • Racial Advantages:
    • Optional:
      • Axe Bonus
      • Brewing
      • Close to Earth
      • Crossbow Bonus
      • Determine Stability
      • Determine Age
      • Dense Skin
      • Detect Poison
      • Evaluate Gems
      • Hit Point Bonus
      • Stone Tell
      • Warhammer Bonus
    • Automatic:
      • Infravision (60 ft)
      • Long Life (Max Age: ~1000)
      • +1 Constitution
      • -1 Charisma
  • Racial Characteristics:
    • Subtypes:
    • Mountain
    • Hill

[edit] Elves

The Elves are thought to be the favored race of Felara for they are the longest lived.  Elves are shorter than humans, and slighter of build.  They are known to be nimble, full of life, joyful, and light hearted.  This is not to say the Elves are without their skill in combat, for indeed the fair folk are the deadliest archers in the world.  They have a penchant for nature, and many of them live among the trees.  Their large eyes and slender builds make them one of the fairest races of the land.  Indeed their maidens are coveted by the men of other races for their innocence and purity.

  • Racial Advantages:
    • Optional:
      • Bow Bonus
      • Cold Resistance
      • Dagger Bonus
      • Heat Resistance
      • Javelin Bonus
      • Less Sleep
      • Magic Identification
      • Resistance to Charm
      • Secret Doors
      • Longsword Bonus
      • Trident Bonus
    • Automatic:
      • Infravision (60 ft)
      • Indefinite Lifespan (Max Lifespan: ?)
      • +1 Dexterity
      • -1 Constitution
  • Racial Characteristics
    • Subtypes:
      • High
      • Silver

[edit] Humans

The most proliferative of the races of Arborris, Humans are spread far and wide, living in every kingdom, and in every clime.  Humans are known for their curiosity, bravery, and ingenuity.  Above all other races the Humans are known for finding ways around problems, and into them.  Mankind as it is on Arborris grows every larger by the day.  Like humans of other worlds, men tend to be self centered, and short sighted.  Their short life spans give them a sense of urgency everyday, and indeed they garner from one day what many elves need years to soak up.

  • Racial Adavantages:
    • Optional:
      • Attack Bonus
      • Experience Bonus
      • Hit Point Bonus
      • Tough Hide
      • Secret Doors
    • Automatic
      • One Free Advantage
      • Dual Class Allowed
  • Racial Characteristics:
    • Subtypes:
      • White
      • Asianic
      • Black/Mariner
      • Native

[edit] Halflings

Of all of the races of Arborris the Halflings are perhaps the strangest.  These diminutive humans usually stand no taller than 4 feet, and a four foot tall halfling is a giant by their own standards.  These tiny people are known for their intense curiosity, perhaps the only race to overtop the humans in this regard.  They are also known for their wanderlust, perhaps a curious byproduct of their curiosity.  Most halflings feel a constant pull to move, to change, to live the fullest life possible.  As a whole, because of their height disadvantage these people avoid combat, preferring flight over fight.  This is not to say that there haven't been brave halfling warriors of great repute.  Indeed some of this race have learned even to use their height to their advantage. 

  • Racial Advantages:
    • Optional:
      • Attack Bonus
      • Detect Evil
      • Secret Doors
      • Hide
      • Taunt
    • Automatic:
      • Infravision (30 ft)
      • Long Life Span (Max life: ~190)
      • +1 Dexterity
      • -1 Strength
      • Dual Class Allowed
  • Racial Characteristics
    • Racial Subtypes:
      • Black
      • White
      • Gypsy

[edit] Orcs

The Orcs of Arborris are very different from those of other worlds.  The reason for this is not quite known, it is only known that this was not always the case.  Dwarven scholars, having studied the tomes of The Vault believe that Orcs were once much shorter in stature, and more barbaric.  But something has changed in this race, and they have now developed a thriving civilization of their own.  Ever militaristic, the Orcs live on the line between the rest of the world and the Kilrathi Barbarian hordes.  A stern race, the Orcs have taken it as their duty to shield the world from the 8 foot tall Tiger Men and their ravaging masses.  The Orcs take a pride in their strength, and their unrivaled Military.  Although it has been hundreds of years since the Orcish army has gone to battle, there are few leaders of Arborris who do not fear this prospect.  For if the Orcs can withstand the Kilrathi for so many years, what would happen should they turn that military might towards the rest of the world?

  • Racial Advantages:
    • Optional:
      • Acute Taste
      • Acute Smell
      • Attack Bonus
      • Damage Bonus
      • Mining Detection abilities
    • Automatic:
      • +1 Strength
      • -2 Charisma
      • Infravision (30 ft)
      • Able to Dual Class
  • Racial Characteristics
    • Subtypes:
      • Range from Green-Grey

[edit] Kilrathi

The Kilrathi are perhaps the strangest race in Arborris.  These Tiger-men and Tiger-women are perhaps the least humanoid in appearance.  They are a dimorphic race, with females bearing little resemblance to the males, although they are certainly just as fierce.  Much like a Tiger, a Kilrathi of either sex is built for combat.  The males stand over 7 feet tall, and have a strength unrivaled throughout Arborris.  The females, lithe and slender are said to be some of the nimblest people alive, and to many the most beautiful.  Both genders possess retractable claws at the tips of their digits, like cat's claws they keep these sharp.  This is not to say that the Kilrathi are without disadvantages, in fact the race is poorly suited for civilized life.  There is a fear of fire that is genetic within them, as well their claws make scribing uncomfortable, and for some males impossible.  As well, they are strict carnivores, and so farming, a staple of any civilization is impossible for them.  The only Kilrathi agriculture to speak of is that of the herders, who keep vast herds of bison and other northern fauna.  Many have described the Kilrathi as dimwitied, or eternally warlike.  This is not the truth, while there is a rage that burns within some of their kind they have the potential for peace like any race, it is only their constant need for more land, and that they are often taken advantage of by more civilized races that drive the Kilrathi to war.  They are also not without a deep and resounding culture, but who can know a culture that is not written and rarely seen?

  • Racial Advantages:
    • Optional:
      • Jump – with a dexterity >15 the Kilrathi can jump as per the wizard spell as many times per day as his or her level.
      • HD Bonus: The Kilrathi in question may take one higher HD than normal for his or her class.
      • Enhanced Regeneration table: The Kilrathi who has >15 Constitution has an enhanced regeneration table that goes as follows: 

Constitution Regeneration
15 1/6 turns
16 1/5 turns
17 1/4 turns
18 1/3 turns
19 1/2 turns
20 1/1 turn
21 3/turn
22 5/turn
23 1/round
24 3/round
25 7/round

      • Thick Fur: This gives the Kilrathi a bonus of 2 AC when unarmored
      • Large Claws: This gives the Kilrathi a base 1d8 on his or her claws instead of the standard 1d6.
      • Climbing: This gives any Kilrathi with a dexterity >13 a 3% chance per level of the character of being able to climb any surface that his/her Claws can find a grip on. This is cumulative with the Thief ability.
    • Automatic:
      • Night Vision (requires light)
      • Large Size (for Males)
      • Phobia of Fire
      • -20% XP penalty, cumulative with all other penalties.
      • Strict Carnivore
      • Allure (if female)
      • Long Life Span (Max Life Span ~140)
      • Ability Scores vary by sex:

Ability Score Male     Female
Strength +2 +0
Dexterity -1 +2
Constitution +1 -1
Intelligence -1 +0
Wisdom +0 -1
Charisma -2 +1

  • Racial Characteristics:
    • Subtypes: All of the subtypes of the Kilrathi, despite varying shapes and sizes have the same racial traits/options.
      • Kilrathi Standard (Tiger)
      • Black Kilrathi (Coal on Black Stripes)
      • Cheetathi
      • Leonathi
      • White Kilrathi
    • Male:
      • Male Kilrathi range in size from 6’8 – 7’8”. The largest Kilrathi are incredibly huge and dominate most other races physically. Their strength is unmatched, and in single combat most Kilrathi will devastate an opponent of equal talent. They are however cursed by their difficulties in adaptation. They are large tiger like striped humanoids. At the ends of all their digits are retractable claws. They have tiger like faces and teeth. They have a tail that is semi-prehensile although sometimes unpredictable in movement. Other races rarely find Kilrathi males to be attractive.
    • Female:
      • Female Kilrathi are much more humanoid in size and in figure. Often lithe yet curvaceous, Kilrathi women are legendary in Beauty, matched only by the female Elf. However, the female Kilrathi surpasses the Elven maiden in natural sexual appeal. With human like faces, and very short silky fur that more resembles tight clothing, the female Kilrathi appeal to all races equally in attractiveness.

[edit] Gnomes

It is theorized that the gnomes are to elves what halflings are to humans.  Gnomes are the smallest of the races, smaller even than halflings.  Gnomes, however, resemble elves more than humans.  Their pointed ears and extremely long life speaks to a possible common heritage between them and the fair folk.  If there was one word other than "small" to describe this race however, it would almost certainly be: enigmatic.  The gnomes have a tendency towards intelligence.  This is probably why gnomes place such impotance on what they refer to as "The Greatest Attribute".  Within gnomish society it is not the most mighty, but the most witty that rule.  It is estimated that even though gnomes make up barely 1/14 of the population of Arborris, they comprise around 1/3 of the world's scholars.  Also unlike the halflings the gnomes have no tendency to wander.  In fact, most gnomes would prefer if they never traveled at all, preferring their quiet subterranean homes or the halls of their academies.

  • Racial Advantages:
    • Optional:
      • Animal Friendship
      • Melee Combat Bonus
      • Dagger Bonus
      • Dart Bonus
      • Defensive Bonus
      • Engineering Bonus
      • Forest Movement
      • Freeze
      • Hide
      • Short Sword Bonus
      • Potion I.D.
      • Sling Bonus
      • Stealth
    • Automatic:
      • Infravision (60 ft)
      • Long Life Span (Max Lifespan ~4000)
      • +1 Intelligence
      • -1 Wisdom

[edit] Goblinkind

The goblinkind below are in almost all cases identical to their entries in the Monstrous Manual.  Their statistics are the same, and they have the same forms of attack and defense.  The only exception is that there are members of all of these races, especially the Duergar, Drow and Hobgoblin that are capable of heroism of a kind.  They can gain experience, and learn as any of the Races of Arborris.  All of these races tend toward evil, some more chaotic than others.  Evil is within their blood.  Some scholars believe that it is possible for one of the Goblinkind to be good at heart, but it is far more likely that they are merely gaining your confidence to make sticking a knife in your back all the easier, and more fun... for them.   These creatures are believed to have been created by Vulcaile, their ultimate master and goddess.

[edit] Duergar

These are the twisted form of Dwarves.  They resemble ugly dwarves with pitch black skin, flame red eyes, and wild hair, either fiery red to bright silver.

[edit] Drow

The twisted form of Elves, the Drow are Elves with charcoal skin and silver hair.  They have a weakness to sunlight, and prefer a subterranean environment.

[edit] Hobgoblins

Hobgoblins are the twisted humans.  Ugly, and resembling large goblins, these creatures are the military mastermind behind the horde's movements.

[edit] Goblins

The taskmasters of the hordes, the Goblins are a twisted form of Halfling.

[edit] Ogres

Huge, hulking brutes, some would think that these are the twisted Kilrathi, this is not the case.  In fact, Ogres are the twisted form of Orc, and their strength is magnified by the hate within them, as it their size.

[edit] Trolls

Upon seeing a troll, one never mistakes an Ogre as resembling a Kilrathi in anything but size.  These huge creatures stand over 12 feet tall and are covered in a green and black striped fur.  Like Kilrathi they regenerate lost limbs, and heal their wounds with a quickness that seems to defy natural law.  Considered to be the fiercest of Goblinkind.

[edit] Kobolds

The smallest, and most numerous of the Horde are the cunning Kobolds.  Like their Gnomish counterparts they possess possibly the greatest intelligence of all of goblinkind, but it is a useless intelligence because of their size. 

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