Player Characters and Parties

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[edit] Groups

[edit] The Compass

Francoise Le Monde

[edit] The Focus

Adellus Windforce

Brother Mortimer

[edit] The Hammer

Balrick Hammerstein

[edit] The Brave


[edit] The Wanderers

Magnus Smith
Shackleton Softwhite
Duk McDurk

[edit] The Foreigner

Akodo Kobo

[edit] The Seekers

Ambrose Brannigan
Aff T'Zul

[edit] The Gladiator

Rick Orincello

[edit] The Bros

Baranibus Stinson

[edit] Craftsmen of Andrick

Buff Drinklots

[edit] The Bold

Barristan Morningsword
Wilder the Druid
Yohan Cornelius

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