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[edit] NPC's

The following is a list, organized by group, of the NPC's that have been involved in the campaign so far. Players are encouraged to edit these pages as they see fit, to improve the accuracy of the information.

Also, feel free to add sections to the individual NPC pages that include commentary by your character. A small subsection using the (=== Character Name's Thoughts ===) format works well. IF I edit these entries it will only be for the sake of formatting.

[edit] Organized by Geography And Nationality

[edit] Kardian Empire

[edit] Stone Family

[edit] Kent Family

These are the lords of Jelty, a small village that lies to the west of Kardik.

[edit] Dolphin Family

These are the Lords and Ladies of Dolphina a city of Kardik.

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] Argonnian Empire

[edit] Dragonnydd Kingdom

[edit] Barbarians

[edit] Socialist Republic of Dwarves

[edit] Wiceth

[edit] Charonus Islands

[edit] Organized by Religion

[edit] Charons Fury

[edit] Druidic Order

[edit] Sons of Andrick

[edit] White Tower

[edit] Followers of Kovax

[edit] Followers of Dalius

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] The Thunderbolts

[edit] The VonElrick Family

[edit] Maesters

[edit] Classified Session

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