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[edit] The Temple of the Scorpion

The Temple of the Scorpion resides on the Black Isle. This cursed place lies somewhere in Oceanus, west of Kardic and North of the Island Nation. It is a place rarely visited, and shunned by sailors who whisper of it with dread.

[edit] Black Isle

The Black Isle resembles most other desert islands, lost amid a world spanning sea. Indeed, if it were not marked on the maps as a place of horror and death, its rather innocuous appearance would likely draw in ships seeking water. However, this island, despite appearing normal is anything but. Sailors who venture far from the shore find that the island is covered with Black Banyan trees. These trees resemble normal Banyans, only they secret a black sap from thousands of pores. This sap, as it happens is incredibly nutritious to the otherwise carnivorous Morte Scorpion, a breed found naturally only on this island. The scorpions, which nest in these trees are the only fauna that can be found anywhere on the island, as long ago their spread, and the stinging poison that came with it destroyed any other life on the island.

Of great interest however, is a temple built millenia ago, to honor a Scorpion God who was said to reside within. This beast, said to be a spawn of Kovax himself is believed to be what devours sailors whole, who brave the island.

[edit] Temple of the Scorpion

The temple itself is a place of dark sacrifice to Kovax, riddled with traps and horrors unspeakable. Beholden only unto their dark God, and monstrous master the denizens of this place seek only to destroy any who would dare intrude who are not servants of Kovax themselves.

[edit] The Great Academy of Gnomish

[edit] The Fire Mountains

The fire mountains are a long stretch of volcanoes that extend north from the Star Ridge.  These mountains are considered to be a place of evil and horror.  Indeed, very few adventurers that have dared to travel there have ever returned.  It has been said that to gaze upon the fire and the smoke of that place is to gaze upon the underworld itself.  Scholars in Gnomish have postulated that there was some great upheaval, around the end of the Age of Legends that tore this portion of the world asunder.  The commonly held belief among the rest of the world is that this is the home of the goddess Vulcaile, and that it is her burning hatred that fuels the never ending furnace.

[edit] The Temple of Pain

A temple of the pain cult of Kovax, this dark and evil dungeon served as a place of sacrifice to the dread god.  Servants of Kovax would capture, and torture the innocent in this place, there hoping to resurrect the power of their god in full.  Long thought to be abandoned, the Temple of Pain was rediscovered by The Wanderers and then cleansed of the horrors within for a time.  The Wanderers found themselves facing a terrible evil which they confronted to find a token of the dark god.  This token was a key, and was the real reason for the temple's construction, although what purpose the Key of Pain holds is unclear.

[edit] The Temple of Abandon

This Temple was a place of worship by the cult of Kovax that revolved around fear.  The temple is located in the center of the Dread Swamp, a remote location on the southern border of Lake Demos.  This swamp, long avoided by travelers had been considered too dangerous for merchant caravans, or even military convoy.  The Dread Swamp is constantly enshrouded in a dense fog, beleived to arise from the swamp itself and the edges of Lake Demos.  Nearly half of all travelers through this terrible place are lost, and never heard from again.  Some return home after daring to travel through this place with stories of the earth rumbling, and mighty roars coming from the fog, but such claims are dismissed by serious scholars.

The temple itself lies nearly at the center of the swamp.  The temple is known to some travelers, as it rests on higher ground, and the foyer had been a safe haven in recent times from the fog and horrors of the swamp.  Most however that would stumble upon the temple gave it wide berth, because of the hideous drawings, and of course the symbol of Kovax himself that is emblazened on the black stone of the temple.

The acolytes of Kovax were said to have brought their victims to this place, where they were tortured while under the effect of a mysterious drug, a drug that induced hallucinations of the victim's greatest fear.  Before a great purge during the War of Power, this Temple was one of the most reviled locations in all of Arborris.

The temple, in modern times has come to house the Key of Abandon, a seemingly simple trinket, in the shape of a small key.

[edit] The Temple of Undeniable Evil

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