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Warning: Spoilers may follow. Details contained within this history may not be known to your character.

The Creation of Arborris

[edit] Rough Draft History

  •  One of Arborris’s deepest most abiding legends is that of “The Givers”. The Givers were said to have come from another world, and to have brought knowledge and civilization to the world of Arborris. The Orcs, Humans, and Kilrathi all claim that they are of a divine heritage of these “Givers”. The Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Gnomes however do not. The Givers were said to have lifted the races of Arborris out of barbarism, and into the light of civilization. With them they brought the knowledge of how to harness both the magic and psionics that is inherent in this world. The givers also taught the people of Arborris how to communicate with the great beings of this world, and how to fight the forces of chaos and destruction. 

  • It is said that the Givers came, and chose the greatest individual from each of the peoples, and set them on a council, to lead this world forward in balance and harmony, using magic and knowledge, and science in ways that would further the world of Arborris, all in the hopes that one day the people of Arborris would learn of the greater world beyond, and move on to populate other worlds, and too be givers themselves.

  • The coming of the Givers is considered to be the beginning of history for Arborris, the time when the Dwarves first came down from their mountains, Elves out of the trees, Humans from their caves in the hills, and all the rest came to speak the common tongue.

  • For millennia the world of Arborris was ruled by a council of the seven races. This council sat in the great city of Kardik. Here the Gods of Good and Chaos were worshipped in equity, and the seven council members governed the world with justice and fairness by using the powers and guidance of the Givers. Civilization flourished and spread to every corner of Arborris. It was during this time however that the Gods of Evil grew increasingly jealous of their goodly counterparts. It is said that it was then that Kovax came to command his daughters Vipra and Vulcaile to go forth and battle the forces of good, so that death and hatred would spread throughout the realm.  As well the Dragons were awoken, and came to fight for every cause both good and evil.

  • Kovax used Vipra and Vulcaile, and their minions, to do war with Arborris and all that was good. This was the first great war, and was called the War of Righteousness. It was during this war that the council of seven decided that one should lead, for seven cannot lead a world at war as well as one. And so a first emperor of Arborris was chosen, and he was human. Even with all of their strength, the forces of evil were pushed back by the magic and power that was given to the races of Arborris. The defeat was not the end however as Kovax took it upon himself to use the ultimate weapon of evil… the magic of death and undeath. Vulcaile and Vipra left Kovax, after the first defeat he could no longer control them with promises of failure. So the second great war came to Arborris. This was the War of Death. It is said that the races of Arborris were plagued with the undead, and that the hordes of undead ran like a wave through the countryside. In the end however, the priests of the world, and the representatives of the 5 neutral and good gods rose to the Horde of Undeath, and defeated them in a battle that lasted for 9 days and 9 nights. This battle was called the Turning of the Tide of Death. So much power was unleashed during this time, that the laws of death and undeath were changed, and even today the undead still hold a memory of that battle. So, when a goodly priest lets the power of his god flow through him, he is able to Turn undead away, and some priests can even destroy them.

  • After that defeat the Gods of Evil slept, and attacked Arborris no more. That is to say, the never again amassed powerful armies to conquer Arborris. This is not to say that they had no influence.

  • There was then a time of long peace and prosperity, so much so that the races forgot all that had happened in the two great wars. Hundreds of Generations passed among even the long lived Elves.

  • But still Kovax, Vipra and Vilcaile were ever angry over their lack of recognition among the peoples of Arborris. So they began an attack of a different kind. All three of the evil gods began to recruit people of the world, to sow discord, and discontent. And it came about this time that the Emperor of Arborris became a follower, in secret, of the teachings of the Dark ones. Racism and bigotry spread like wildfire, and their was mistrust and blame spread throughout all peoples of all other peoples. The races grew fearful of eachother, and a race to protect and isolate themselves began. All of this time the powers of Magic and Psionics were continuously harnessed to greater and greater degrees of power. It is said that even the God’s grew wary of the power of the seven races, as their was nothing that they could not accomplish. Indeed, it is even suspected that portals to other worlds may have been opened during this time. The power of magic grew so great that the common people of Arborris feared for themselves, and began to hate one another. The Last great emperor of all of Arborris was a powerful human mage named Reltith the Cruel. He was a follower of Kovax and Vipra. Reltith denied the claims of the Kilrathi and Orcs that they were descended of the Givers. He claimed that Humans were the greatest race, and that all other races were created for the purpose of servitude and obedience. This was the final stress, and the Empire of Kardik began to unravel. The tension between the races became so great that War erupted, and this was the third and last great war of Arborris. This was called the War of Power, for it was during this war that the most devastating powers of magic and pscionics were used by the races against eachother. Power so great was released that the world itself changed, and would never be the same.

  • The War of Power was the greatest of all the wars, and it lasted exactly 77 years. It was in the 77th year that the war and the weapons of magic became so dangerous, that all of the gods feared for Arborris, that it, and themselves might be destroyed if something was not done. Even the evil Gods came to see the error in what they had done, and agreed that something must change. It is said that the Gods descended to Arborris then, and put and end to the war. All of the races and people of Arborris fought eachother, and the Gods, for they had grown so powerful that they thought they did not need them anymore. In the eve of the 78th year the battle encompassed the entire world. The sky was filled with storms and the earth shook. Mountains erupted from the earth, and crumbled to the ground. Dragons battled giants, and God’s battled Men. It was then that Arbor, the very essence of Arborris and all of Nature itself ascended and did battle. And in one moment, all of the forces of Order joined as one, and together they formed a great seal, behind which all of magic was kept, and they unleashed a force of psionics so great that all of the psionicists in the world were either left dead, or in a comatose state.

  • The War of Power ended that night, but when the dust settled, and the Gods left the world once more, the races found themselves left with a world lost. Everything they had known was gone. All of their great leaders were dead. All of the libraries burnt, and all of their cities left in ruins. Magic was no longer able to be used, as it was locked away, and anyone who tried to use it became ill, as if poisoned. Psionicists were gone, and all of the great masters dead and unable to lead anyone else who might have shown to have had the gift.

  •  With the infrastructure of the world gone, the peoples of Arborris were set back to the stone age, almost as they had been when the Givers had first come… almost. A few things remained, the Dwarves have their libraries, the Elves their longevity… small reminders of what had once been.

  • Slowly but surely the people of Arborris have climbed back from their barbaric state. Civilization has once again established themselves. The residues of the War of Power are still left as well. Magic is still poisonous to all who use it, Psioncists are still rare, and what ones that remain are primitive in comparison to the masters of legend. The people lost memory of what had happened, and the time before the war of power became known as the Time of Legend. The goblinkind retreated far into the mountains, and the Dragons once again slept. The common people of today’s Arborris do not believe in Magic, and when they encounter it they react with fear and ignorance. The monsters and beasts of old are considered legend, and have been dismissed as fairy tales. Kingdoms have come and gone, empires won and Lost, but the only thing that remains is Kardik. Despite its terrible past the city has managed to live on in some form no matter the age, no matter the war. And the rulers of that great city still claim the divinity that they so deeply cherish.

  • There was even a time when some of the races joined together in harmony. This changed however during the War of Pain, and the subsequent War of Division, two “minor” wars that are the most recent in the history of Arborris.

  • Currently, the peoples of Arborris have come to master the art of working bronze tools, and indeed bronze is the metal of choice for most things.  Iron is becoming more common, but is exceedingly rare.  The art of makng steel has been lost to all but the Dwarves, who guard the secret with considerable jealousy.  Mounted warfare is rarer still, with most battles being fought on foot.  The great metals of legend: Mithral, Adamantite, and Elven Steel are all but unheard of, and if seen are thought to be of another kind.

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