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High King Korvin Argonnius, the first of his name, is the current ruler of the kingdom of Argonne. He has ruled now for twenty-three years. He is to be succeeded by his son Prince Keevin Argonnius. As the patriarch to the Argonnius family, Korvin was groomed from birth to rule the empire. Unlike many of the Argonnian monarchs before him, his parents were not cousins or siblings, as is tradition. Instead, his father had fallen in love with a Sea Folk princess, and his grandfather, having been soft of heart arranged for a generous dowry from the Sea Folk king, as well as an alliance to arrange the marriage for love. Korvin however, had always been ashamed of this impurity in his bloodline, along with a deep seeded resentment of his mother had taken to wife his cousin, herself a "pureblood". The queen, Korinne, died giving birth to their second son Kessen was said to be plagued by a shaking sickness.

Korivin is known for his strict policies on tradition. He is known as a just and fair king, if not kind. He is known to be vastly disappointed in his son Keevin, whom Korvin believes carries the impurity of the Sea Folk blood line, and that this is what has left him with his considerable temper and renowned emotional instability. His son Kessen though is an enigmatic figure. He is said to be vastly intelligent, but also possessing of a temper. Korvin has a love hate with his son Kessen, who is by far the competent son he always dreamed of, yet resembles most the dark skinned and dark haired Sea Folk mother. This is only worsened by Kessen's love for the sea.

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