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[edit] Felara

Felara is one of the four eldest deities, and the last of the four to take a name. Her nature is completely good, and Pure benevolence is the defining characterstic of this beautiful Goddess. Many have asked why Felara takes the form of a female, but it would be more appropriate to assert that female form is rather a reflection of Felara. For it the life giving loving mother, is a symbol of her rather than the other way around.

Felara is the most softspoken and modest Goddess. She concerns herself not at all with order or chaos, only ever seeking to further love, life, and health among the denizens of Arborris. Felara commands that her followers heal the injured, cure the sick, and bring her ministry of mercy and love throughout the land to those who are dispairing of life because of sickness, dread, or pain. Felara shuns hatred, and her followers are commanded to love both enemies and friends. Felara is ever merciful and forgiving. And her temperment is the softest of all the Gods. Her offspring, Dalius and Andrick share her passion for good, but lack her temperence, and her reverence for life.

[edit] Avatar

Felara's avatar is the Radiant Dragon. This being is filled with power from the plane of positive energy. Her greatest weapons are the ability to force this power upon all in her presence. She is not without might in this form however, and to see Felara in this form is to understand the power of Love made manifest. As powerful a force as Love can be in the abstract, so too can the Radiant Dragon be powerful.

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