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[edit] Pantheon


[edit] Deities

Arbor - The Essence of the Plane of Arborris. Deity of Nature and Balance
Felara - Goddess of Good and Healing
Kovax - God of Evil, Hatred, and Death
Charon - Goddess of Chaos, Storms, and the Sea
Chronus - God of Order, Time, and Knowledge
Dalius - God of Courage, Passion, and Battle
Vulcaile - Goddess of Fire, Pain, and Fury
Andrick - God of Integrity, Justice, and Honesty
Vipra - Goddess of Serpents, Deception, and Corruption

[edit] Cosmology of Arborris

The Pantheon of Arborris is structured around the nine principle alignments. To understand the Pantheon though, it is important to first understand how the world of Arborris came into existence in the first place, and where it fits into plane of Neven

  • It should be noted that Arborris is but one realm in the greater plane of Neven. The plane of Neven is a plane within the Prime that takes the shape of a universe. It is an infinite plane. Its properties are much like any generic or average prime material universe or realm.
  • Arborris is a planet within the plane of Neven, and within the greater Prime it lies relatively close to the demiplane of plants and the positive material plane. The universe is much like most other primes, and follows the physical and magical laws that are most commonly associated with the prime material plane. There are a few differences however that manifest as a direct result of the proximity to the Positive Material Plane and the demiplane of plants. The most obvious is the abundance of plant life on Arborris, and all other realms within Neven. Even the nature of the universe is richer in water and the kinds of materials that produce environments on the planets and moons that lend to more plant life. Another result of the proximity to the demiplane of plants is that plants themselves grow more easily here, and they tend to grow larger and fuller than they would on other primes. If one were to travel from “our” prime to Arborris or another habitable it would seem to be fuller, and richer than our own. The green of the trees is greener, life and plant life in general seems more abundant, as if the realms were constantly in a spring state, and as if every moment was as if it had just rained. Also, because of the proximity to the Positive Material Plane, the essence of life in Neven is greater than in most primes. It is harder for the undead to take a hold on a prime like this, and all priests receive a +2 on their turning rolls when facing undead due to the closeness of that power.
  • The most interesting effect of the proximity to the positive material plane is that when the universe was created, the positive energy influence bound itself into the magic of the universe. Forever from that day forth magic was bound to the essence of life, and to channel magic through one’s self pulls at one’s life force. In the days before magic was locked away, casting magic or channeling godly power gave the caster a feeling of euphoria, and fullness of life. The high is almost addictive, and for every level of magic cast the caster receives 1 HP of positive energy healing back to them. This can even extend their HP beyond their normal maximum to even double their normal capacity. This is not to say that using magic was without its dangers, because even if the life force inflation was not brought under control, the caster could burst from being too full of life force.
  • This effect has been twisted in the realm of Arborris however, for after the war of power Magic was locked away, and in a strangely the effect of the proximity was, in a way, reversed. After that point using Magic no longer filled one with a feeling of euphoria or life, but rather tugs and pulls at one’s life force, causing what is most commonly called “Magic Sickness”. While this sickness does not actually take HP away, it does have a negative effect, and as such can kill the caster if the sickness is pushed too far. What this has done is effectively reduced the amount of magic that is found on Arborris.
  • The proximity also has an interesting side effect, in that some of the races have a higher tendency for regeneration. As well, there is the potential on this world for an individual to be born with greater potential in body and mind than on some other primes.

But how did this world take form? Here is the tale of Arborris’ Creation.

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